How Quality Credit Health Works


We methodically examine your credit reports for inaccuracies and negative items that is damaging your score.


We strategically evaluate your inaccuracies, negative items and create an action plan to challenge the credit bureaus and creditors.


We persistently execute during the dispute process until your credit score goals are met.

about quality credit health

We are dedicated in helping our clients reach their credit score goals and know first hand how it feels to have little to no credit, to having very bad credit. Our client’s passion to improve and maintain their credit health becomes our passion and primary goal. We don’t only help you repair credit, we educate and deliver quality tips to maintain your credit health.

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Our philosophy is simple.

we help discover your golden number!

We believe that maintaining your credit health Is just as important as maintaining your personal health. Our role in your credit repair journey is much like a personal trainer, just like weight goals, we help you reach your credit score goals! We can help overcome obstacles that might be hindering you from exercising healthy credit habits.


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